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Workshop: Estate Planning 101

Melissa Dougherty Anderson Law, LLC is an Estate Planner in Golden, Colorado. Have you thought about drafting a Will, but do not know where to start?

In this workshop, Melissa will discuss the importance of drafting a basic Will and Power of Attorney documents.  We will also talk about an actual court case and why EVERYONE needs a Living Will.  

Each attendee can get a free copy of the Statutory Living Will form for free (subject to capacity screening).  Connects Members and/or their friends and parents are welcome to attend. Register here: https://members.connectsworkspace.com/events/22-jul-2020-workshop-estate-planning-101-with-melissa-dougherty

Emergency Ordinance Expands Mask Requirements in Golden What This Means for Connects:

Connects Workspace is not considered a public space, therefore our current policies remain in place (masks are to be worn when moving about the spaces- entering/exiting the spaces, in the copy rooms and kitchenettes, etc.)

Golden City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance which expands current mask requirements to include indoor and outdoor areas of the city. This is in effect now. Council made this decision in an effort to protect the community against COVID-19 and keep businesses open. Ordinance 2140 requires face coverings for anyone working or visiting a building that’s open to the public. The order also requires masks in public areas outside, unless you can maintain six feet of separation from others. This includes streets, sidewalks, parks, trails, etc.

Exemptions to the Mask Order Include:

· Children 3 and under · People with existing medical conditions that make mask-wearing unsafe to their health · Anyone undergoing a medical procedure (ex. Dentist or doctor appointments) · When you are seated and eating or drinking · Schools · Organized sports leagues that are already in compliance with health guidelines

In Golden, follow the Golden Rule and wear a mask to protect others! This Ordinance expires on Aug. 14 unless City Council votes to extend it. They will re-visit the mask ordinance monthly and make adjustments as necessary based on current health guidelines and pandemic concerns. Additionally, Council directed staff to look for ways to re-open Clear Creek for limited recreation. Until safe solutions can be identified and implemented, access to the creek will remain closed.

Connects Events

This Week: Thurs. July 23rd at 4pm

YAY! Happy hour in person! We will serve beer and wine and have individually wrapped snacks. Seating is limited so send a confirmation that you'll be there to staff@connectsworkspace.com

We are looking for Happy Hour hosts!  Interested in hosting a happy hour? Email us!

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