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Member Monday! Victoria "Tori" Mattison Connects Workspace Host

Short description of what your business does or what you specialize in: People-Centric support professional with a deep rooted passion for food, specifically of the sweets and candy variety. How did you get into this line of work? People have always been a driving force in my life. The way the human mind processes things is fascinating to me and I thoroughly enjoy learning the ins and outs of different people. For the sweets side, I have been cooking/baking/creating in the kitchen since I was a young child in my grandmother's kitchen. The artistry and science behind food is SO neat. Who inspires you? My older sister. She stepped up to care for my siblings and myself at a very young age and she taught me how to be the strong woman I have grown into today. Do you have a request or ask of the Connects community? Feel free to chat with me if you ever have questions about food.

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Winner of Office for a Day Raffle is Russ Rizzo! Congrats!


It's 303 Day this Wednesday! - Join us by wearing your favorite Colorado attire and a walk by the creek around noon, weather permitting. ⛰ We will Slack out the details.

Office Hours with Jess Kershner: Legal Attorney - March 2nd - 30-min slots from 10am-12pm - Jess has worked with clients on everything from contract negotiations and LLC set-up, to arranging child support and drafting wills. Reserve a slot

Office Hours with Russ Rizzo: PR Consultant - March 16th - 30-min slots from 12pm-2pm - Communications audit, media relations, corporate blogs, media columns, multimedia, branding, crisis communication. Reserve a slot

Recent New Members

Makayla Shoup - Team member for Guideline Geo located at the Mercantile location. Cassie Sander - Team member for BGoldN located at the Armory location. Darby Moses - an oil and gas attorney, owner of Darby N. Moses, LLC, is a new Stakeholder located at the Armory location. Tori Mattison - Connects' newest staff member!

Welcome, we are SO happy to have you join the Connects community!

Community Events

Golden Glass Orb Hunt - The Golden Glass Orb Hunt is back! Each day in February, a beautiful artisan-made glass orb (two orbs a day on the weekend) will be placed somewhere in Golden city limits, and whoever is lucky enough to find the one-of-a-kind treasure gets to keep and enjoy it! Learn more here. Hands-on History Summer Camp - Golden History Museum & Park’s popular Hands-on History summer camp is back for 2021, featuring five unique options for kids aged 6 to 12. Hands-on History sessions will run weekly between June and August. For specific dates, age requirements, times, prices, and activities, please visit here.

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