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Sam Taggart SAS Workshops

Short description of what you business does or what you specialize in: Every manufactured product needs to be tested at some point. On the front end, there is R&D testing and on the back end there is QA testing as stuff comes off the assembly line. This testing is often automated. Often these machines are built by scientists and engineers. While well-intentioned, they aren't software engineers and so they tend to make a mess. There is much more to writing good software than simply making it work. We believe these scientists and engineers are perfectly capable, they just need some direction. That is where we come in. We help them to use software engineering best practices to write software to collect the data from various sensors, and then analyze it and create reports. We also help them write that software in a way such that it is maintainable and easy to change as the business needs change. We do this through a variety of workshops, online courses and mentoring. How did you get into this line of work? Out of college I got a job building testing solutions for a company that built nuclear power plants. When I moved out to Colorado, I just started out on my own. Originally I was just building systems, but then I realized that there really was a need to educate scientists and engineers so they can take advantage of the software engineering tools already out there. Who inspires you? Entrepreneurs inspire me with their willingness to take risks. I am also inspired by all the scientists and engineers out there solving the really difficult problems society faces. Do you have a request or ask of the Connects community? If you know anyone who does product testing, R&D, or QA or just anyone who is working on a project where they have to collect data from a bunch of sensors and then analyze it, then I would love to talk to them.

📱Contact Sam: Email Sam - sasworkshops.com


Win a Private Office for a Day at Connects! By participating in the following activities, receive raffle tickets to go in the front desk bowl! We will draw for winners on March 1st. One Raffle Ticket per Activity:

  • Sign up to be a highlighted member for member Monday- Member Monday form

  • Submit your Member Profile to go on our Member Profile Boards

  • Post to a Connects Slack Channel and tag another member

  • Attend the Feb.18th Virtual Happy Hour

  • Turn in Valentines for Seniors by Mon. Feb. 8th

  • Sign up to host Office Hours - 2 bonus tickets!

  • Submit a Google Review

Reminder- be sure to drop off your Valentines for Seniors in Golden by Monday, Feb. 8th at Connects Workspace (hosted by Golden Senior Santa). ❤️


💕 Let's Decorate Valentine's Cookies! - Hosted by Cafe 13, Connects will be providing our members with cookie decorating kits for Valentine's Day! Includes 1/2 dozen sugar cookies, 3 colors of icing and sprinkles. Must reserve a cookie kit by Friday, Feb. 5th and pick up on Friday, Feb. 12th- let us know if you would like one.

Be sure to join us on Feb. 18th at 4pm for our next virtual happy hour! - We all have those little efficiencies that work well for us, bring your favorite tips/tricks and share with other members. Grab your favorite happy hour drink and snack... cheers!! 🥂 Zoom Link

Stay Tuned- More office hours coming to you in 2021! Do you have an area of expertise you would like to share with fellow members? Let us know!

👥 Community Events

Goldens in Golden! - Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there will not be a full-on “Goldens in Golden” gathering in 2021. Instead, Golden owners are encouraged to visit Golden with their Golden throughout February. A mini “Welcome to Golden” Arch selfie station will be set up at the Golden Visitors Center, 1010 Washington Ave., Feb. 1-7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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