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Tessa and Ted Morse Tessa is an Engineering Manager at Guild Education and Ted is the Director of Client Services at Fortnight Collective

Short description of what you business does or what you specialize in: Guild helps unlock opportunity through education for America's workforce. Tessa specializes in managing software engineering teams. Fortnight Collective is a full service advertising agency. Ted manages an account team and oversees the strategic and creative development process for a wide variety of consumer brands. How did you get into this line of work? Tessa was a math major in college and discovered she had a passion for software engineering after graduating. For Guild specifically, Tessa was driven by Guild's mission and inspired at the opportunity to work with a company that cares about gender equality. For Ted, an aptitude test in college revealed that he'd be a good fit for advertising. So as an english and history major with no clear career path, he figured well, what the hell. But what's kept him in advertising and marketing for more than 17 years is that he enjoys helping brands bring their products and services to market in meaningful ways for their customers. Working across a wide range of industries means every day is different, and he enjoys the challenge of keeping his learning curve high. Who inspires you? Tesss is inspired by Rachel Carlson, CEO of Guild Education, because she genuinely cares about the students they serve, her employees and her civic duty. Ted is inspired by people and brands who challenge category conventions and aren't afraid to push the boundaries of the status quo. Why does Connects' Shared Membership work well for both of you? Like a lot of folks, when Covid hit we both found ourselves working from home. And so we really appreciate the flexibility to change up our work environment throughout the week. We also really enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and entrepreneurial energy of a place like Connects. 📱Contact Tessa or Ted: Email Tessa Email Ted

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