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Join Me in Saying Goodbye to 2020 and HELLO to 2021!!

Join Me in Saying Goodbye to 2020 and HELLO to 2021!!

I have a tradition to write an end of year letter recapping the year at Connects Workspace. My first thoughts about writing this year’s letter go everywhere from “let’s just skip it” to “I’ll just say all of those things that everyone is going to say about how hard this year has been”. Well, I decided that yes, I will write a letter, but I promise not to complain. I was taught by my very optimistic mom (you all know her as Judy), that there is always a silver lining in life’s hardships. I have to say that 2020 has been full of many silver linings! I think about lifting weights and to gain muscle we need to stress our muscles; they get sore and tired but then eventually they get stronger. That is what I feel like 2020 has been for me. I feel stronger today than I did in February- mentally, spiritually, and physically. The word that keeps coming to me is resilient. If I would have known what 2020 would bring, I would have chosen to get on a plane and wait it out on the beach with a Mai Tai in my hand. But I would have missed so much!! I would have missed the connection that I have had with my staff as we navigate the uncertainty together. I would have missed being able to be a part of the community of Golden that has come together to support each other in ways that are so encouraging. I would have missed those quiet days in April when Jim, Greg, Jamie, David and the DT guys were the only ones working out of Connects. I would have missed those small in-person happy hours that we held outside in hopes to have just a bit of personal connection with each other. Emily, Sam, Ted, Tessa, Dan, Kate, Christine, Amanda, Judy, Chriseda, Courtney, Greg, Sandra and Annie, I look forward to this next summer of happy hours when even more people can join us. I would have missed meeting our new members that joined this summer and fall with hopes of finding a community that supports their dreams. Christopher, Christine, Brett, Michael, Devin, and Tyson thank you for taking a risk during this uncertain time. I would have missed the growth that comes with challenges that are bigger than what we can solve for. I have more empathy, think more creatively, and have more courage to dream big dreams. 2020 will go down in history books for so many reasons. For me it will go down in the books as the year that I became a grandma (you can call me Gigi), the year that I got to purchase my dream house in the mountains and the year that I slowed down and became a bit more resilient. My hopes for you are that you spend a bit of time reflecting on this past year and find your silver lining. Connects Workspace is here to support you in pursuing your very best life! 2021… ready or not, here we come! Sending you so much love, Jen Thoemke


As you plan for next year here are some resources that I have found valuable... > Brenda Abdilla, a Professional Certified Coach, has an abundance of resources, one of which is this 21 minute Goal Planning Worksheet. Get clear on your goals for the new year! > Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner - This planner is designed to help you put your goals into action and create a process for keeping you on track. > Donald Miller, founder of Storybrand, has a lot of resources if you think that you need to clarify your marketing message. He also has a podcast that has a wealth of information. I just signed up for his program Business Made Simple as I have some fun growth opportunities in this new year and want to make sure my systems are in place for that growth. > If you are looking to increase your giving in the new year, check out The Neighborhood Rehab Project. Their sole purpose is to bring neighbors together to keep our seniors, disabled and low-income communities warm, safe and dry. I am honored to sit on the board and have watched the impact that this organization has had over the past 10 years. > CFOShare is a great resource if you need to build a pro forma or hire a fractional CFO. > Golden Women in Business has supported women business owners in the Golden community for over 8 years. In 2020 they opened the group to any woman with an interest in business. This is a great resource for connection, business networking, and growth. Connects’ member, Renelle Darr, will be leading the Pinnacle Journey 2021 (registration will be open until January 1st). > Golden’s Chamber of Commerce has been a wealth of support during the covid crisis. If you are looking to develop more networking relationships in Golden this is a great option. > Golden’s Economic Development has supported economic growth in Golden through supporting and finding resources for our business community. > City of Golden has several emails that are sent out to update our community. You can sign up for them here.


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