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Find Your Seat at the Table

March 2021

Find Your Seat at the Table

Connects Workspace was birthed out of my desire to bring a sense of community to the oftentimes arduous task of starting your own business. For as long as I can remember I have received so much joy from connecting people together. As an insecure, shy little girl, fitting in for me was a huge value growing up. I have had the privilege of connecting people to careers, start-ups to mentors, and more business networking referrals than I can even count. In June 2018, I purchased Cafe 13, Connects Workspace’s neighboring business. I am often asked why I chose to purchase a café. I think of it as an extension of Connects Workspace. Another place that helps to bring people together. A café is easily recognized as a place where people gather. We purposely designed the café with a large community table right in the middle. This table seats up to 14 people, yet it is designed to seat multiple parties. Colorado School of Mines students, sitting next to business professionals, sitting next to a family in town for vacation. Each one has their unique world view, hopes, and dreams. Think for a second about the type of energy this brings to a space. The team at Connects Workspace spends multiple hours each week finding creative ways to connect members, spur interesting conversations, and bring joy and laughter. While our “tables” function as desks, they are meant to be a physical representation of the human need for a “place” to belong. As we look toward the end of covid - we step outside, we begin to meet with friends again - my challenge for you is to find your seat at the table. Whether it be professional, social, personal, or business- what you bring to this world is needed. Your energy, thoughts, questions, challenges, joy, and pain. As you embrace your place at the table, your world will open up to new possibilities, maybe even ones that you would have never dared to dream. Connects Workspace is here for you! Whether you need a physical table to work or a network of like-minded people to connect with, we are here to support you. Sincerely, Jen Thoemke Founder & CEO



We have many meeting rooms that are bookable by the hour ranging from $10/hr-$40/hr.

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Yes, you heard that right, we have a brand NEW podcast series launching soon... stay tuned!

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