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Blog Post - July 2020

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Working from Home has become our new normal While there have been plenty of industries that have allowed employees to work from home for quite some time, COVID has created a unique situation where many more companies are now requiring employees to work from home.  Working from home has some pretty great perks, but it can come with some unintended consequences.  A few things to consider if you are still working from home:

  1. Set “work hours” – Instead of working here and there throughout your day such as checking emails from your phone while you take the dog for a walk or folding clothes while you are on a conference call, create a work schedule and keep it separate from your home life.  This will help to create a better work/life balance.

  2. Take a shower! – Even though it is so nice and saves a ton of time to not get ready for the day, taking a shower and getting dressed will set you into work mode.

  3. Create a separate space for work – While not all of us have a home office, there are still ways to create an area designated for work.  Find a small table and set it up next to an outlet with a comfy chair, external monitor, a few inspiring quotes, a cup with pens, highlighters and pencils and a desk lamp.  Having a comfortable place to work will set your tone for the day.

  4. Take breaks – Just like you would take a break at the office, make sure to step away for a quick walk and eat lunch away from your desk.

Connects Workspace is here for you if you are going a bit stir crazy and need to get out of the house. We have open coworking at 50% capacity, private offices, reserved desks and conference rooms. Our staff works hard to keep our space sanitized and comfortable for you! If you haven’t taken us up on a Free Day of coworking before sign up below. Thanks, Jen Thoemke Owner

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